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2014 Calendar

About This Website

Sometime ago I needed to find a printable calendar to highlight different events (birthdays, holidays, etc.) I don't want to forget during the year. So I went online and tried to find some calendars that I can download and print.

To my surprise all websites tried to sell me calendars with my picture, picture of my dog, picture of my boss, etc. But none of them gave me a simple calendar which I can just print and use right away. That's why this site was born.

On this website I tried to put together two collections of calendars. One collection is graphic calendars and you can see them on start page and browse through them using green arrows. Another collection is textual which is very simple to download and print. There are 4 different themes available for textual calendars (Antique, Ceramique, Black and White, Panel).

I hope this site will give you some choice of calendars and get your task accomplished.

If you have a good idea on how to improve this site and make it more helpful please don't hesitate to drop me an e-mail at [email protected]

On this 2014 Calendar site you will find:

  • 2014 printable calendar. List of major 2014 holidays.

  • Custom 2014 calendar with customizable header, font and images.

  • Next year 2014 calendar.

  • Major event countdown tool. Use it to count days to important event.

  • Embeddable event countdown and printable calendar. Use it on your site.

  • Major events in 2014. We also have created 2014 calendar for you.

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